D.Pharma (Diploma in Pharmacy) Courses, Eligibility, Admissions, Syllabus, Career Options, Frequently asked Questions.

Overview and About the D Pharma Course:

Two years are required to complete the career-focused Diploma in Pharmacy programme. Students can apply for admission to the D Pharma degree if they want to start a career in the pharmaceutical sector and pursue a long-term career in the medical field of pharmaceutical sciences.

Students can enrol in the D Pharma programme if they want to start a career in the pharmaceutical industry and pursue a long-term career in the medical field of pharmaceutical sciences. Merit-based entrance or an admissions test will choose the class of 2024 for D Pharmacy. To be eligible for the Diploma in Pharmacy programme, candidates must have earned at least a 50% overall grade in their 12th study. They must be from the Science Stream if they want to enrol in the D Pharmacy course.

The D Pharmacy programme is meant to prepare students to work under the supervision of a licenced pharmacist in hospitals, neighbourhood pharmacies, and other pharmaceutical-related fields. After passing this course, candidates may pursue an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management, but they must first complete their undergraduate degree.

The D Pharmacy curriculum is created to educate applicants to work in hospitals, neighbourhood pharmacies, and other pharmaceutically-related settings under the supervision of a certified pharmacist. After this course, candidates can also pursue an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management, but they must first complete their undergraduate degree.

Why to do Diploma in Pharmacy?

D.Pharmacy as a course offers a unique combination of benefits and chances that provide students an advantage over other work roles and employment scopes. Some fundamental justifications for enrolling in D.Pharma courses are,

  • Pharmacy professionals have a social responsibility to the community since they shape the health care industry. They support a society’s citizens’ well-being and general health.
  • Working flexibility is possible because the position is available around-the-clock. One can choose to work the day or the night shift.
  • Pharmacists have a wide range of career options, including employment in hospitals, nursing homes, colleges, and the medical sector as a whole.
  • A career in healthcare is dynamic and ever-growing. Candidates for careers in healthcare enjoy a wealth of growth and development opportunities.
What is the right time to do D.Pharma?
  • Students who want to work in healthcare must seek a D. Pharmacy degree.
  • Candidates can enrol in a D Pharmacy programme in addition to an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management.
  • Candidates can apply for admission to the D Pharma programme if they desire to start with a diploma programme and pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry.
Course Highlights of Diploma in Pharmacy:

Full form of the Course

Diploma In Pharmacy (D Pharmacy)

Minimum age required for the course

17 years

Duration of the Course

Course Duration of D Pharma is 2 Years.

Minimum Required Overall average Score

50% in Intermediate

Selection Process

Entrance/Merit Based

Subjects Required

Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Maths

Eligibility Criteria for D.Pharma:

Candidates are eligible for admission to the first year of the D Pharm programme if they have completed the 10th and 12th grade exams with Physics and Chemistry as well as one of the following subjects: Mathematics, Biotech, Biology, or Technical Vocational Subject. Admissions demand a minimum GPA of 50% in biology, biotechnology, physics, and math. In addition to these, the following factors are taken into account when choosing a candidate:

  • The first year of a three-year curriculum leading to a science degree.
  • Taking the bachelor’s degree examination.
  • 12th standard must be qualified with the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Maths.
  • Intermediate Examination in Science Any further credentials, such as those from the previous tests that the Pharmacy Council of India has recognised (PCI).


D. Pharma Syllabus:

Yearly curricula are used to teach this pharmacy diploma course. The two years’ detailed schedule is listed below. Although each institute’s curriculum may vary somewhat from the D. Pharm syllabus, the fundamental subjects and structures apply to any curriculum that offers this particular diploma course. Over the course of two years, the following topics and curriculum activities will be covered:


In First Year

Pharmaceutics I

Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1

Biochemistry Clinical Pathology

Human Anatomy Physiology

Health Education Community Pharmacy

In Second Year

Pharmaceutics 2

Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2



Pharmacology and Toxicology

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence

Drug Store Business Management

Hospital Clinical Pharmacy

D.Pharma Course Topics:

Pharmaceutics I

·       Metrology

·       Introduction to different dosage forms

·       Packaging of pharmaceuticals

·       Size separation by Shifting

·       Clarification and Filtration

Pharmaceutical Chemistry 1

·       Antioxidants

·       Acids, Bases and Buffers

·       Gastrointestinal Agents

·       Topical Agents

·       Dental Products

·       Definition, History, and Scope

·       Pharmaceutical Aids

·       Various systems of Classification of Drugs and Natural Origin

·       Adulteration and drug evaluation

Health Education Community Pharmacy

·       Nutrition and Health

·       First Aid

·       Environment and Health

·       Fundamental Principles of Microbiology

·       Communicable Diseases

·       Concept of Health

 Biochemistry Clinical Pathology

·       Carbohydrates

·       Lipids

·       Introduction to Biochemistry

·       Vitamins

·       Enzymes

·       Therapeutics

Human Anatomy Physiology

·       Elementary Tissues

·       Skeletal Systems

·       Scope of Anatomy and Physiology

·       Cardiovascular Systems

·       Respiratory Systems

·       Muscular Systems

Topics asked in 2nd year:
Pharmacology and Toxicology
·       Scope of Pharmacology
·       Drugs: Their Advantages and Disadvantages
·       Introduction to Pharmacology
·       General Mechanism of Drug Action
·       Drugs acting on the Central Nervous System

Pharmaceutics 2

·       Study of Various types of Incompatibilities

·       Reading and Understanding Prescriptions

·       Posology

·       Dispensed Medications

·       Types of Powders

·       Lipids and Dosage forms

Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2

·       Antiseptics and Disinfectants

·       Introduction to Nomenclature of Organic Chemical Systems

·       Antileprotic Drugs

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence

·       Principles and Significance of Professional Ethics

·       Pharmacy Act, 1948

·       Origin and Nature of Pharmaceutical Legislation in India

·       The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940

·       The Drugs and Magic Remedies Act, 1954

Hospital Clinical Pharmacy

·       Definition, Function, and Classification of Hospitals

·       Hospital Pharmacy

·       The Drug Distribution System in the Hospital

·       Manufacturing

·       Drug Information Service

·       Introduction to Clinical Pharmacy

·       Modern Dispensing Aspects

Drug Store Business Management

·       Drug House Management

·       Introduction

·       Sales

·       Recruitment and Training

·       Banking and Finance

·       Introduction to Accounting

D Pharmacy Entrance Exams:

There are various national and state-level entrance exams to take in order to be admitted to the D Pharma programme. The following is a list of some of the most popular D Pharma entrance tests:

Entrance based Admission:

To get admitted to various pharmacy programmes, applicants must pass the GPAT, a national entrance exam. Several colleges produce merit lists for D. Pharm admission based on students’ GPAT results and subsequent group discussions and personal interviews.

• AU AIMEE Pharmacy:

Annamalai University conducts the AU AIMEE Pharmacy (Annamalai University All India Medical Entrance Test Pharmacy) state-level entrance exam each year for admission to a variety of pharmacy programmes, including B Pharma, M Pharma, D Pharma, and Pharma D.


List of exams based on entrance test:

Sr. No.










List of State level D.Pharmacy Exams:

Sr. No.

Name of the College


Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination (UPSEE-Pharmacy)


GUJCET  (Gujarat Common Entrance Test)


Odisha Joint Entrance Examination – Pharmacy (OJEE-P)


Rajasthan University of Health Sciences (RUHS-P)


Maharashtra Common Entrance Test – Pharmacy (MHT CET)


West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination (WBJEE-Pharmacy)


Goa Common Entrance Test (Goa CET)


KCET (Karnataka Common Entrance Test)

Merit Based Admission:
  • Send the application to the colleges or institutions where you want to study.
  • achieve success in your Class 12 exams.
  • Colleges publish their merit lists in due time. Verify your admissions eligibility for the course you want to enrol in.
  • Visit the college and present the necessary documentation if qualified.


List of Top D.Pharma Colleges:


Name of the College 


Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi


MCOPS, Manipal


JSS College of Pharmacy, Udagamandalam


Annamalai University, Chidambaram




MAHE, Manipal


DIPSAR, New Delhi


Chitkara University, Patiala


Integral University, Lucknow


Galgotias University, Greater Noida

List of the D.Pharma Government Colleges with location:

Sr. No.

Name of the College

Location of  the college


Government College of Pharmacy, Karad

Karad, Maharashtra


Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Research

New Delhi


Institute of Chemical Technology



Government College of Pharmacy, Amravati



Madras Medical College



Pharmacy College, Saifai

Saifai, Uttar Pradesh


Government College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad

Aurangabad, Maharashtra


Jadavpur University

Kolkata, West Bengal


Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, 

Baroda, Vadodara


Government Pharmacy Institute, Gulzarbagh

Patna Bihar

Scope of D Pharmacy:

You can get employment at a pharmacy in a number of both private and public hospitals.
Numerous opportunities await people after earning a D in pharmacy, in both the academic and professional domains. You can pursue them based on your preferences and inclinations,
You may start your own retail, wholesale, or pharmaceutical business to become an entrepreneur.
If you have already earned a PharmD, you can pursue a Bachelor of Pharmacy or a second year of a B.Pharma.
Health care facilities, drug control agencies, and pharmacy stores are places where pharmacists can find employment.


D Pharmacy Jobs:
D.Pharmacy is a broad subject that gives students who pursue it a lot of options. After earning a degree in pharmacy, candidates have access to a variety of employment options, including those for pharmacists, production executives, analytical chemists, etc.

The following are some of the fields in which D-pharmacy graduates may find employment:

  • Governmental facilities
  • Department of Sales and Marketing Research Organizations
  • Drug Enforcement Agency
  • Pharmacy Businesses
  • centres for community health
  • Clinics
Job positions and Job Descriptions:

The initial point of contact between your business and the new hire is your job description. A strong job description will assist you in luring the most suitable individuals to your open position given the millions of people that utilise Indeed each month to seek for employment. Here are some pointers for writing a job description to get you started.

Medical Transcriptionist:

Physicians and other healthcare workers who capture audio files and turn them into written reports are known as medical transcriptionists. They translate and type given material, correct early versions, and then send finished transcripts to doctors for approval. They could work for medical administration offices, doctors’ offices, or hospitals.

Pathological Lab Scientist:

For the purpose of conducting tests, lab work, and pathological research, we are searching for an experienced pathologist. In order to understand, identify, and treat disease, you will be responsible for evaluating biological fluids and tissue samples. You will perform patient testing and work in diverse medical settings to support the diagnosis of other medical experts.

You need to be curious, have in-depth medical knowledge of the illnesses that fall under your speciality, and keep up with all the latest research and testing techniques in order to succeed as a pathologist.

Analytical Chemist:

You’ll employ a variety of techniques as an analytical chemist to look into the chemical make-up of various things. Your goal is to recognise the material, comprehend it, and comprehend how it performs under various circumstances.

For instance, you would be engaged in the entire medication development process in the pharmaceutical business. Studying the physical or chemical characteristics of drug ingredients and formulations in order to assess the effectiveness and stability of drug products would fall under this category.

Top D.Pharma Recruiters:

The list of the top D.Pharma recruiter is mentioned below:






Sun Pharma


Modi Mundi Pharma

Albert David




Aimil Pharmaceuticals



Frequently asked Questions:

Question. Is the future of pharmacy promising?
Answer. Pharmacy students will study a range of subjects with a practical focus at colleges and universities. Compared to other students, pharmacy students are better qualified and have more hands-on experience.

Question. What distinguishes D Pharmacy Courses from Pharma D?
Answer. The D Pharma (Diploma in Pharmacy) curriculum is two years long whereas the six-year Pharma D programme is.

Question. What more advanced courses are available following a pharmacy diploma?
Answer. Courses in B Pharma, M Pharma, and Pharm D.

Question. Which is preferable, D or B.Pharma?
Answer. Each is distinctive in their own way. While D Pharm is a 2-year diploma programme, B.Pharma is a 3-year bachelor’s degree programme. But when contrasted, B.Pharma is superior to D.Pharma.

Question. What are D Pharmacy’s primary recruiting regions?
Answer. Private and public hospitals, medical research institutions, entrepreneurs, etc. are some of the top places to find D Pharm candidates.

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